Donald Trump’s wife Melania naked

Donald Trump’s wife Melania naked with another women on 1995 and completely naked again in 2001 for the cover of British GQ magazine when she was the girlfriend of the billionaire Trump.

Melania naked with another women on 1995

Melania is a eye catching lady and she cought a billionaire’s Donald trump. Melania was born on 26 April 1970. Her father name is Viktor Knavas and he is a Communist party member. He also managed a car dealership for his own stated vehicle manufacturer. Her mother name is Amalija Ulnik. She is a pattern maker at a textile factory. For know more Check Melania Trump – Wikipedia

Melania’s original name was Melanija Knavas but she fame as a model and changed her name to Melania Knauss. She was born in Sevnica which is now part of Yugoslavia.

How to Melania do in her modelling career?

Melania’s mother had a fashion business. When Melania was five years old she did her first catwalk and when she was 17 she did commercial photo-shot as a fashion show. Her mother was an fashion lover so she gave extra priority from her mother.  She famous with world’s magazines and catwalks and also naked on the front pf British GO magazine. Melania now runs a jewellery business and selling her products on QVC shopping channel.

How did Melania meet Donald Trump?

In 1998 when Melania was 28 she met with Donald Trump at a party at Kat Club in Manhattan. Trump ask for her phone number but Trump Refused by her because he had a date.  But She Said later

“If I give him my number, I’m just one of the women he calls.

“I wanted to see what his intention is.

“It tells you a lot from the man what kind of number he gives you. He gave me all of his numbers.”

Donald Trump’s wife Melania naked

Donald trump’s had a Boeing Business. For Boeing business promotion Trump’s need to marketing. then Melania Shot for Trump’s customised Boeing 727. This photo slightly shows her nipple.

Donald Trump's wife Melania naked

In 2000 Melania naked again for posed around the trump’s luxury private plane

melania naked in january 2000

In January 1997 Melania Trump (right) models for a  issue of France’s Max Magazine.

Trump's wife Melania naked




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