Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch Frontier and Classic

Samsung says that Samsung Gear S3 frontier will be released on 18th November 2016. It is a smart watch with totally cool classic design inspired by Swiss. The previous model Samsung Gear S2 was also successful one.


Samsung Will be release two different type of model, Gear s3 Classic and gear s3 frontier. Gear s3 totally look like a traditional watch with much more strength capabilities. Samsung hired a Swiss designer for only analog look purpose.

It is totally premium watch with more advanced features. You can make a free call without your phone and operator call charge because you can call via a call app required wi-fi connection. So not need to phone with you. It has a built in speaker that give you to make or take call right away. You can read message to go to your app and only turn the bezel to respond to call. The bezel also help you to answer a call, turn up or down the volume and also turn off the alarm. It is so better that you want like, like as when you are running or moving with your bike you can still to take calls with a simple bezel.

You feel a better with more than ten thousand app support by this device. You can also operate this device with your voice command. You can listen a song with direct play or stream playlist. It has 4GB internal memory so you can take music with you without weight of your mobile phone. Gear S3 Has auto tracking system for six types of exercise so its helps to lake a health workouts and when you need it provide step by step guide for your right track.

Samsung Gear S3 frontier


Samsung Gear S3 classic

samsung gear s3 classic

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